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Celebrating Earth Day with Sat Nam babe!

Hey friends!

I’m still celebrating Earth Day because, let’s be honest, every day is Earth Day!

I recently announced that I’m a Mindful Ambassador with Sat Nam babe, a socially conscious, yoga-inspired clothing company for kids under six and babies (think Fair Trade, organic cotton, pants made from recycled plastic bottles).  Pretty cool, huh?  I think so!

I’m totally in love with founder, Jen Coulombe’s, story of how she started Sat Nam babe, and I shared that on Instagram last week!  Check it out if you missed it here

Also check out the cutest onesie I bought! I have 14 weeks and six days left of this pregnancy…I’ll let the little one continue to incubate, but I can’t wait to put on that onesie soon! 😊

Back to Earth Day--I was able to get some awesome tips for mindful consumerism from Jen (even with lives that include our fast-growing children), so I’m sharing them with you all!  Enjoy!

“Buy Less, Buy Higher Quality”

Jen says the trick is to purchase higher quality items in less quantities.  Each time you think about buying something, ask yourself, “Is this purchase absolutely necessary?”  When you do this, you will love and cherish each item you consume.

The way Jen put it to me is that the “buying less mentality” is much healthier for the planet than buying more as clothing is the second largest pollutant in the world.

Whoa… I didn’t know that about clothing waste. This is something I’ve been working on in my own life, and I want to improve in this area.  The idea of an organized closet of items that I LOVE instead of an overflowing mess of, meh, I might wear that, is so much less stressful to think about anyway!  The planet will thank you.

 “Vote With Your Wallet”

I love this.  Here’s how Jen explained this one to me, “When you support companies that mindfully manufacture, are Fair Trade, use organic cotton, etc., you are voting with your wallet that YOU advocate for all human beings on this planet (including garment workers) to live a life of dignity.”

In case you didn’t know, the idea for Sat Nam babe grew after Jen learned of the Rana Plaza factory explosion in Bangladesh.  Over 1,100 people were trapped and died in the explosion due to poor working conditions. This is unacceptable.  Jen knew she wanted to start a company that did the right things for all human beings.

Next time you go to make a purchase, if you research even a little about where and how their clothing is made, you’re on the right track.  Look for the B Corporation  or Done Good seal of approval on the company's website.  These organizations ensure company's go through rigorous assessments looking at everything from supply chain to HR practices, to even how much is given to charity.  If you see one of these seals, thumbs up! This is a simple thing we can do for human rights before we click “purchase."

“Pass on the Love”

When your little has grown out of their clothes, gift them to another babe would can wear them.  Jen has this one right!  As a parent-to-be, I know I would appreciate that! 

This helps those quality clothes live on, and bonus, you can feel like your investment was well worth it because you’re not just throwing the clothes away or storing them in a box forever and ever that you will forget about.

Sat Nam babe's new Love is Love organic cotton Fair Trade tee <3

Sat Nam babe's new Love is Love organic cotton Fair Trade tee <3


“Be ANTI One-time Use Plastic”

Jen suggests getting re-usable water bottles and bags for your family, and use them often! 

Did you all know that these insanely cute pants from Sat Nam babe are made from recycled plastic bottles?  On average, for each pair of leggings, Sat Nam babe saves 5 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills!  What?!  That's amazing!  This is one way Sat Nam babe is doing their part to reduce one-time use plastic waste.  If we all committed to reusable bottles or bags, think of the impact we each could make.

I know I need to get better about using my re-useable water bottle more often.  I keep it on my desk at work, and it stares me in the face every day!  I got one in my favorite cerulean slash teal blue color!  Find out what works for you and do it!

Thanks for reading along!  If you’ve reached the end, I’d like to share my friends and family code with you to use when shopping Sat Nam babe. 

Use code “kayla12ff” at checkout for FREE shipping!  Woot, woot!

 Sat Nam babe's organic cotton We Are The Future short sleeve unisex tee <3



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  • Thanks Kayla for spreading the message about mindful ways to consume and Sat Nam babe! :-)

    Jen Coulombe

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