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Unexpected MUST HAVE Baby Items--No really, you NEED them!

Our newborn baby girl is two weeks old today!  I'm pretty proud of us for keeping her happy and healthy so far.  I noticed very quickly that some baby items we received on our registry or that we bought ourselves were what I'm calling MUST HAVE items. 

What's interesting about these MUST HAVE items is that some of them seemed more like "wants" or "luxury" items more than "needs."  I stand corrected!

Here are my top, unexpected baby items that are MUST HAVE's that will make your life so much better!

Mini Fridge

I know, you're reading this like, what? ha! Keep reading...

I’ve been able to breastfeed and pump to grow my milk supply so that my husband can help out with feeding the baby and so I can freeze the milk for when I go back to work.  Our house is a split level, and the first week home with baby, we spent a lot of time upstairs in the living room and bedroom.  Our kitchen is on the first floor, so every time I pumped and needed to put milk in the fridge, or whenever my husband was needing to grab and warm up a bottle or put a bottle away, we’d have to stand up with the baby and go downstairs.   This doesn't sound like a big deal.  But, it is when you have a sleeping baby in your arms, your breastfeeding pillow around you, 50 (okay, more like a few) burp cloths thrown all over you, the dogs (yes not one, but two dogs) following you everywhere...well you get the picture.  My husband and I were both talking about how the first week was going, and at the same time we told each other that we thought we could use a mini fridge upstairs. Great minds think alike!  So, we went to the Target college section and bought a mini fridge for the living room.  We swapped it in for our end table between the wall and the couch and it now is amazingly functional!   I don’t think people would really notice it there.  Here's a picture!  We put the bottle warmer, apple watch charger (all steps must count always!), etc. on top and it's awesome.


Wipe Warmer 

Thinking a wipe warmer was more of a luxury or want than a need, I put it on our registry thinking it didn’t matter to me if we didn’t end up getting it as a gift.  Wow, I was so wrong!  We did get one, and it’s a necessary item.  Warm wipes save you from having your baby cry, scream, and kick.  You’ll be especially grateful for this during the middle of the night.  Diaper changing is that much smoother.  Trust me…I tried not using the warmer, and it wasn’t fun.  You won’t have time warm the wipes in your hands.  Just get the warmer.  **Bonus, this warmer has a light on it that makes a great night light for when you’re entering the nursery in the dark.  There's a toy monkey on top of it in this picture.  Not sure where that came from! haha


Aden and Anais Muslin Swaddles 

My sister got me a set of swaddles as part of our first baby gift we ever received.  She told me they keep the baby warm, but cool at the same time.  I 100% agree with that.  Our baby gets sweaty and hot really easily, so we often swaddle her in just these blankets without any onesie or anything and she’s warm, but not overheated.  I went out and purchased a few more and they are perfect for all day long in the stroller, swing, to sleep, lounging, etc.  I know they seem pricey, but they are worth it.  So far, they hold up super well in the wash, and FYI, Target sells two and three packs of them for lower prices.


Boppy Newborn Lounger

I’m calling this the affordable version of dock a tot except for its angled so that baby can be upright.  I love it because I can set our baby down in there and have her near me wherever I am in the house.   It’s a great lounging spot for her to rest, especially when she needs to be upright after a feed.  You’re not supposed to let your baby sleep in this; however, I do as long as I’m watching her.  I would never leave her in this and walk away or put this in the crib.  But I like it for when we’re moving around during the day or just lounging in the living room.

My Brest Friend Pillow 

Many people love the Boppy for breastfeeding.  I was reading some reviews online, and many women said that they had the Boppy, but then they bought the My Brest Friend pillow after Boppy wasn’t working out and they were very happy!  I remember seeing one at the Motherhood Maternity store when I was about 26 weeks pregnant, and I felt intimated seeing it because it looks kind of big so I didn’t look into it.  After seeing the positive reviews on Amazon, I bought it online.  I have nothing to compare it  to, but I love it because it provides you with back support, you can adjust the pillow height and secure it with the strap for comfortable position for you and baby.  It’s soft and very supportive of all parts of your baby’s body.  I still use some burp clothes under their head and butt, sometimes middle to help elevate or make all parts of their body even.  It also has a pocket on it for storage.  I store a nose suction bulb, my case with nipple shields, a mini deodorant, hand sanitizer, and a couple hair ties in there. It’s also a great place for your phone when you stand up with the My Brest Friend pillow attached to you (say you’re needing to go change a diaper).  I love listening to podcasts while I feed, so this is a great idea.


Diaper Genie

Again, I felt like this was a want more than a need, but honestly it stores multiple days of diapers without any smell and makes for super easy garbage take out.  The Diaper Genie fits nicely at the end of our changing table and makes tossing diapers easy.  I also have dogs that like to get into our garbage, and the lid on this clicks closed, plus the diaper goes through a spring loaded flap door.  So there’s no way my dogs can get into it like they can with other garbage cans in our house.

Disclosure: I'm part of the Amazon Affiliates program, and I receive a small compensation for any products purchased through the links in this post.

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