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Classy Lady

Classy Lady

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When my husband and I visited Paris, we went to the Musee d'Orsay and saw amazing sketches by Edgar Degas.

Degas is one of my idols and so I was so excited to see artwork never shown before.  He used white chalk and charcoal often on brown or blue or black paper and used free, light strokes to sketch figures in all different poses just to practice over and over before doing a huge drawing or painting for his clients.

I loved seeing his process and realized, I can do this! So many times we see the final masterpiece and think, oh my goodness, I could never do something so well. But that ah ha! moment happens when you see the journey someone goes through to get where they are. Of course Degas sketched it out first.

I realized the goal of my art is to live in the process and practice to get better and to improve everyday. It’s fun and frustrating and everything in between. How awesome! 

Here's my version of sketching it out using white chalk on brown stock paper.  I love how the woman is clearly walking in one direction, hears or sees something, and holds her hat as she turns around.  You can see her movement as her skirt is still in motion.  Classy.