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Relevé and Rain

Relevé and Rain

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This is an original pencil and charcoal drawing.

I danced ballet and pointe regularly for 10 years.  I still dance often, and I'm inspired by photographs of ballet dancers.  I love seeing how strong they are.  They have extreme control of their movements and are thus truly graceful and a joy to the eye.

I also love the rain.  I believe that there's clarity when the world is "washed," and my happy time comes when I feel a drop on my shoulder and hear the sound of it on the sidewalk.  Renewal.

I've combined by two loves of ballet and rain here. There's a certain spirit of liveliness one gets from dancing. And when you think of Gene Kelly "singing and dancing in the rain," what can be better. :)

I hope someone can enjoy this as much as I do.

9 inches x 12 inches on medium weight drawing paper, ships framed as pictured.