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About KFA

Hello!  I'm Kayla Fahey-Ahrndt.  I know that's a can call me KFA.

I create resources, tools, and artwork to support the vibrant lives of professional women.

I'm learning as I go, but I'm all about sharing since I haven't always had someone to share with me!

Most days you can find me:

  • Wearing a lab coat paired with bold lipstick (Sephora eats my bank account)
  • Rocking it in a blazer running a meeting
  • Singing in the kitchen or car (loudly and proudly--Judy Garland circa 1940's anyone?)
  • Sifting through my purse full of bobby pins, blue pens, and charcoal pencils
  • Drinking all the coffee

I am known for my big smile and optimism!  I once won the "Big Ideas" award because I believe there's always a way!

I am married to DJ, my college lab partner (#lab2lifepartners)...He's still "the boy on the bus from college, can't believe he's mine" kinda man to me!  *goo goo eyes*  We have two fur babies, Sadie and Raleigh, who are super spoiled and over-cuddled.   AND...we have a new edition to our family as of August 2018.  Kate Azalea was born on August 3rd; she has the same birthday as her mamma!  We are so in love! #lab2lifepartners2parents

If you're still interested, here's more about me:

  1. I've been drawing since forever.  In 5th grade, I drew the yearbook cover, and that's around when my art teacher started pushing me harder to do better.  I picked it up from my Grandpa "Buddy" who showed me how to draw a rose--my signature drawing.
  2. I majored in Clinical Laboratory Sciences from the University of Minnesota, and I now have a national board certification in both Medical Laboratory Science and as a Specialist in Blood Banking.  Officially, I'm Kayla Fahey-Ahrndt, MLS(ASCP)SBB.  I currently manage multiple major Transfusion Services/Blood Banks in Minneapolis, MN.
  3. I'm an online Masters in Public Health student through the George Washington University in D.C.  I'm interested in health communications and health policy.  Someone appoint me Health Commissioner, please!
  4. I am an active volunteer with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN).  I often lobby my lawmakers to support legislation that benefits cancer patients, chronic disease patients, and their families.  
  5. I was awarded Young Professional of the Year by the American Cancer Society in 2015 for my work with Relay For Life and ACS CAN.

Still reading? :) 

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