Cerulean Sky

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This painting was interpreted from a photo I took on vacation in Conover, WI. My family stays on Lake Buckatobin in a small cottage for a week every summer, and this is the view I picture in my head every time I think of sitting on the pier as the sun goes down. 

Every year I spend my summer mornings and evenings on the pier writing in my journal or just looking out at the waters.  Some days there's no wind and the water is glass, and other days storms are raging and we're bucketing out water from our fishing boat.  The smell of the evergreens and birch trees along the shore line and the sound of the bubbles and waves hitting the pier and rocks will live with me forever.  My happy place.

In this photo, I've used brush strokes and paint knives to create raised paint surfaces in the waves, sun, and clouds. A gloss finish has been applied to the entire work.

20 inches by 16 inches on canvas wrapped around a 3/4'' wooden frame.