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Farm and Cows

Farm and Cows

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I'm originally from Wisconsin...out in the middle of know where. You can't take the country out of the girl! Give me country roads and cows anytime, and I'm happy.

I was inspired to paint this scene after a drive from Minneapolis to Eagle River, WI.  Ever heard of Hwy 29?  I take Hwy 29 for over 100 miles toward Wausau, WI before going north on Hwy 51 toward Rhinelander.  My family has been vacationing during the summertime in Eagle River for my whole life on Lake Buckatobin.  Before I existed, my mom used to vacation there with her family as a child.  And her dad vacationed there with his family when he was young.

Whenever a drive that long Hwy 29, I see endless farmland, and you can bet I've got the windows down and the music up.  I'm happy.  I think about my dad.  He was born and raised on a farm.  They grew soy beans and corn, and he would drive the tractor into town at 10 years old to get gas.  I think about if my life had been like that.  I'm proud to have country roots and to appreciate the country for what it has to offer.  I'm so happy I live in the city now but can drive 10 minutes down the road to see a corn field.  Minnesota is great like that.  Ironically, my grandpa was originally from Minnesota, so I feel like my life, intertwined with his, has come back full circle.  I love that.

20 inches x 16 inches on canvas stretched over a 3/4'' wooden frame.  The sides are also painted.