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Jury Duty Rose

Jury Duty Rose

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I created this original oil pastel drawing while waiting around during Jury Duty!  Civic responsibility well served!

This is a rose inspired by my late grandfather, Mr. Charles Aaron Martinek. He would sit with me and show me how to draw charcoal pencil roses using light and airy strokes. He would tell me something like “You set that pencil there, you see? You just move the pencil like this, delicate. Make it lighter here and darker there. Simple.” Over the years, I’ve used that same rose structure, if you will, but I’ve adapted it to my style and added color here and there.

I have a wide interpretation of what a rose can or should look like. And I think it’s awesome to change it up, even making some blue ones!

9 inches by 12 inches on medium weight drawing paper.